Become a Member/Supporter of the PC Party of Newfoundland Labrador for the following:


a. Any Member or Supporter of the Party shall have the following rights:
i. The right to take full part in, and to vote, at any district meeting, or district nomination meeting in accordance with Article 13-2;
ii. The right to participate in the leadership selection process subject to the conditions set out in Article 11-3 and the Leadership Election Rules;
iii. The right to be given 7 days’ notice of any such district meeting, district nomination meeting, or provincial leadership convention, by public notification through the Party website or as directed by the Executive Committee.

b. Any Member of the Party shall have the following additional rights:
i. The right to hold office in the Party, including the position of Leader;
ii. The right to seek delegate status to vote at a provincial annual general meeting, or special general meeting; and
iii. Only if eighteen (18) years of age or older, the right to stand for selection as a candidate for the Party for election to the Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly.

c. If a Member or Supporter changes address which results in a change in district where s/he has a right to vote, that right shall apply to the new district and a new Membership/Supporter card will be issued upon request.

d. A Member or Supporter shall be entitled to cast one vote only on a question or matter for which the individual is qualified to vote.